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A Study of the Governance of Listed Chinese Liquor Companies


By:Lihui Liang, Yun He

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2021-12-27


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About the author(s):


Based on China's unique institutional background and the development of China's liquor industry over the past 20 years, this book examines the governance of listed liquor companies from seven aspects: shareholding structure, board characteristics, executive incentives, ultimate controlling shareholders, institutional investors, internal control and auditing. It explores in a pioneering manner the ways and effects of institutional investors' participation in corporate governance of listed liquor companies, the characteristics of ultimate controlling shareholders, the changes and the impact of the degree of separation of the two powers on corporate governance. The book analyses the achievements and shortcomings of the governance of listed liquor companies in China, the problems and causes, and proposes corresponding countermeasures to improve the governance of listed liquor companies, providing a theoretical and empirical basis for the governance of listed liquor companies and government supervision, which is an important reference value for the operation, supervision and investment of listed liquor companies.