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A Study of the Spatial Choices of Non-Agricultural Employment of Rural Labor Force and Its Intergenerational Effects: Based on the Whole Village Survey Data of "100 Counties and 1000 Villages"


By:Bo Geng

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2022-01-14


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This book focuses on the factors influencing the spatial choice of rural labourers to work outside the home and the intergenerational effects in the modernisation process of Chinese society. Based on a theoretical model of the spatial choice of rural labourers and intergenerational effects, the impact of spatial choice of employment on human capital of the offspring is studied. Based on the derivation of the model, the key factors influencing the spatial choice of rural labour for non-agricultural employment are analysed based on the household survey data of Henan University's "Hundred Counties and Thousand Villages". Finally, empirical data were used to test the influence of spatial factors on the employment of rural labourers and the influence of non-farm employment of the father's generation on the intergenerational mobility of the offspring's education level.