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The Reconsideration of Japanese Bubble Economy


By:Jifeng Zhang

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2022-10-24


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Japan had a far-reaching foam economy in the 1980s. After the foam was punctured, the economy collapsed. Since then, the Japanese economy has entered the inflection point of the "downturn mode" and plunged into a chronic recession for nearly 30 years. The lesson is extremely profound. Starting from the actual needs of China's supply side structural reform and the new development pattern of domestic and international double circulation, this book comprehensively uses Marxist economics, neoclassical macroeconomics and other theories, adopts a variety of research methods, and on the basis of combing the background, mechanism, basic characteristics, causes and impacts of Japan's foam economy, discusses Japan's experience and lessons in dealing with the sequelae of foam economy, and from the perspective of international coordination The effects of monetary policy, industrial structure adjustment, technological innovation and other multiple perspectives are analyzed in depth, and finally the reference and enlightenment for China are proposed.