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Research on Financing Risks in Cultural Enterprises


By:Chao Tan

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2023-02-10


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According to the process of risk management, this book selects the process of identification, measurement and early warning of the financing risk of cultural enterprises for research, discusses the financing risk management of cultural enterprises and its system construction, establishes structural equation model to explore and identify macro and micro factors that affect the financing risk of cultural enterprises, measures, compares and judges the size of the current financing risk of cultural enterprises, and constructs a financing risk early warning system that conforms to the characteristics of the cultural industry, In the VensimPLE simulation environment, it forecasts the trend of financing risk changes of listed cultural enterprises, and finally puts forward targeted countermeasures and suggestions for strengthening the management of financing risk of cultural enterprises in China, combining with the current situation and problems of financing risk management.