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Four Thousand Years of Yellow River Civilization


By:Bingtao Song, Ting Zhang, Meiwei Pan

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2023-03-06


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Table of contents:

About the author(s):


This book discusses the nature of the public economy of human society based on the ancient Chinese idea of state governance, especially the concept of family, state and world. The author mines the logic of governance and institutional economics clues from China's historical path and summarizes them as the logic of public economy in which the public precedes the private. The author first distills the different resources of economic thought and different philosophical traditions in China and the West, and sorts out the basic categories of property rights, institutions, and transactions; then distills the characteristics of the Yellow River civilization from several perspectives, and summarizes the logic of governance and the logic of economic system organization in the Chinese tradition according to such characteristics; finally, with the characteristic facts derived from the above summarization, the author reviews the traditional intellectual resources such as Confucianism culture Finally, with the characteristic facts summarized above, the author reviews traditional ideological resources such as Confucian culture and systematically clarifies the connotation of public economic logic on this basis.