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Politics & Public Administration

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Democracy and Development: A Study of Democratic Politics in an Industrializing Asia


By:Fang Ning

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2015-09-01


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About the author(s):


This study on political development in Asia focuses on major countries and regions whose experience have reference value for the rest of Asia because they are representative. The  book showcases political development in a range of Asian countries and regions undergoing industrialization。 The detailed account reveals the intrinsic mechanism and underlying pattern in political development across Asia.
The 6-year long research project went through two stages. The first stage focused on eastern and southeastern Asian countries and regions, including South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and China’s Taiwan. In the second stage, researchers turned to countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Iran, India and others. Researchers found that different models of political development have been at work in the areas covered in the two stages of research work.
This book garnered immense interests among the public when it was first published and was reprinted three times within the span of a single year.