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Evolution of China’s Rural Population Policy Since 1949


By:Tang Zhaoyun

Publication Date:2019-05-01

China has long been a big agricultural country with a massive rural population. Considering its vast size, high rates of growth and strong preference for boys over girls, this population presents special challenges to efforts to implement the country’s family planning poli...

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Urban-Rural Disparity in China’s Politics


By:Xu Yong

Publication Date:2019-06-01

The basic premise of the book is that given this country’s vast territorial span and long history, urban-rural disparity is one of the most prominent features of China’s political ecology. The author offers a systematic comparative analysis of the political ecology i...

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China’s Innovation on the Standardization of Public Services


By:Zhuo Yue

Publication Date:2018-03-01

The book scrolls down the development, and presents the current status of public services standardization. Problem-oriented, and on the premise of hypothesis, the book constructs an innovation, executable, sustainable model for regulating public services. Finally, combing o...

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Research on China’s Foreign Policy Changes since the Reform and Opening up


By:Xu Jin

Publication Date:2017-01-01

Academic debate can serve as a bridge between academic research and policy making. International relations scholars contend China majority and the foreign policy formulation of the relevant research, the debate is a window to observe the outside world China foreign policy and gov...

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Democracy and Development: A Study of Democratic Politics in an Industrializing Asia


By:Fang Ning

Publication Date:2015-09-01

This study on political development in Asia focuses on major countries and regions whose experience have reference value for the rest of Asia because they are representative. The  book showcases political development in a range of Asian countries and regions undergoing indu...

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By:Li Bin, Zhao Tong

Publication Date:2016-01-01

Notable differences exist between China’s nuclear weapons policies and those of other countries with nuclear weapons. They are largely a reflection of China’s unique approach to this issue. The book examines these differences by looking at a range of issues, includi...

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