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China’s Oil Security System Build-up


By:Wang Jun

Publication Date:2010-11-01

Oil is a key element in producing social wealth, and also a crucial commodity with impact on global political system, economic order and military activities. For the sake of China’s oil security, we should place it into national strategic level by including oil security guara...

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Political Thought and Political Culture in China and the West


By:Cong Riyun, Pang Jinyou

Publication Date:2009-08-01

This book is an anthology of papers in “the Second Political Science Forum of Chinese Youth”. With the theme “Relationship between Western Political Thoughts and Modern Political Culture”, it proceeds from Chinese and western political cultural tra...

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Overflowing Effect of China’s Development


By:The Administrative Center for China’s Agenda in 21st Century

Publication Date:2009-10-01

Throughout the fluctuation over the past 60 years, Chinese people have created a wonder with their diligence and wisdom. This book comments on all kinds of “On China” by reviewing the achievements made by PRC since its establishment and their potential influence on t...

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Comparing Nations: Why,How,and What to Compare


By:Mattei Dogan

Publication Date:2010-03-24

Mattei Dogan is one of the most famous political scientists and sociologists in France. This book is a representative work of Mattei Dogan and is a political sociology work with the theme of comparative study between two countries. The author explained the political phenomenon by so...

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Kuomintang: Unity with Communists and Anti-communism


By:Yang Kuisong

Publication Date:2008-01-01

By fully use the Kuomintang historical materials, combining the historical information of Kuomintang, this is the first book to systematically survey and research the strategy of the KMT and the Communist Party's support for the KMT. The author takes full use of a large number o...

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The History of Chinese Political System


By:Bai Gang

Publication Date:2007-05-01

This book has comprehensively straightened out the general situation of political system development in China from old times to the Republic of China, and takes the thread of history as the longitude, and the political system as the latitude; it is a work of ten volumes, vast and numero...

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