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Democracy Is a Modern Life Style



Publication Date:2010-01-01

As the fundamental value in a civilized society, democracy is a great achievement of political civilization in modern times. The people of different countries and with different ideologies have reached a consensus that democracy is a kind of political philosophy. ...

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Emancipation of Mind and Political Progress


By:Yu Keping

Publication Date:2008-02-01

The author made an analysis on the political changes since China’s reform and opening-up from the view of political ideology changes and theoretical innovation. It made helpful suggestion on China’s political changes from two aspects of theory and practice....

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Modern China: Politics and Diplomacy


By:Wang Jianlang, Luan Jinghe

Publication Date:2010-08-01

This book is one of the serialized works which are edited by the institute of modern Sino-foreign relation history in CASS. It is the latest research achievement of Sino-foreign relation history in recent years, and can be regarded as the vane for the future research. The modern Sino-f...

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On Minority Rights


By:Li Lin, Li Xixia

Publication Date:2010-08-30

Focused on the international experience and domestic law protect a minority, this book discusses the legal basis for the minority rights protection, and carries on a comparative study on national law and regional law. It makes a comprehensive and thorough analysis to issues to diffe...

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Power and Restraint: A Shared Vision for the US-China Relationship


By:Richard Rosecrance,Gu Guoliang

Publication Date:2010-08-30

Over several years, some of the most distinguished Chinese and American scholars have engaged in a major research project, sponsored by the China–U.S. Exchange Foundation (USEF), to address the big bilateral and global issues the two countries face. Historically, the ascen...

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Strategies for the Large Developing Countries


By:Tu Qihao

Publication Date:2010-08-01

 Taking economic globalization as the analytical background, according to the theory of international development, on the analysis of big developing nations and their development strategies, this paper points out the particularity in the way of development  practic...

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