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China and Globalization


By:Huang Ping, Cui Zhiyuan

Publication Date:2010-05-12

The professor of Tsinghua University called Raymer published Beijing consensus in May, 2004, and the paper caused lively discussion at home and abroad. After one year later, we collected a number of very influential papers from abroad, and hold on the Beijing consensus and Chinese mo...

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Ecocities : Rebuilding Cities in Balance with Nature(Revised Edition)


By:Richard Register

Publication Date:2010-05-12

    Most of the world’s population now lives in cities. So if we are to address the problems of environmental deterioration and peak oil adequately, the city has to be a major focus of attention.     Ecocities is about re-building cities and towns base...

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The Rise and Fall of a Superpower


By:Shen Zhihua

Publication Date:2009-08-01

The history of Soviet Russia for 74 years is colorful, and especially a mass of file literatures declassified by Russia involves various aspects in recent several decade years. This book not only clearly explains cause and effect of every matter to present a whole and objective histor...

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The Chronicles of NGOs in China (1978-2008)


By:Wu Yuzhang

Publication Date:2010-04-01

The book selected 11 types of NGO, and comprehensively summarized the development course, status and problems of NGO, as well as combed the significant events of NGO’s development. The records of major conference of this field are attached at the end of this book. The book is informati...

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The KMT-CCP Political Struggle and the Fate of China ,1945-1949


By:Wang Chaoguang

Publication Date:2010-02-01

The KMT and CCP were two parties in 20th century, which had political activity and organized ability, they cooperated and broke up twice, from brothers to enemies, from verbal struggle to violent clashes, they were struggled for themselves, shaped the fate of Chinese history. The Pol...

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The Research on China's Policy against Japan during the War Period


By:Hu Dekun,Peng Dunwen

Publication Date:2010-03-01

By examining the formation and the whole process of evolution of China’s policy towards Japan during the war, the book summarized that the policy based on anti-Japanese war, everything is for the war, with the four characters of the KMT-CCP Policy to the war, seeki...

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