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Politics & Public Administration

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Urban-Rural Disparity in China’s Politics


By:Xu Yong

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2019-06-01


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About the author(s):


The basic premise of the book is that given this country’s vast territorial span and long history, urban-rural disparity is one of the most prominent features of China’s political ecology. The author offers a systematic comparative analysis of the political ecology in urban and rural China since ancient times, including its overall condition, basic features, evolutionary process and causal determinants. Specific issues covered by the analysis include the evolution of urban-rural disparity in China, the relationships between social stratification and politics, between social structure and power system, between social order and political control, between social consciousness and political culture, and between social conflicts and political activities. As the first systematic treatment of this important topic with clear contemporary relevance, the book has much to offer those trying to deepen their understanding of the current state of the country in general and China's political and social development in particular.