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Mao Zedong's Chinese Dream


By:Tang Zhouyan

Publication Date:2013-03-01

This book offers a comprehensive review of Mao Zedong’s journey in pursuit and the realization of his dream after the founding of People's Republic of China in 1949. It recounts Mao’s horrendous and arduous experiences and China’s enormous achievements fr...

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Family Planning Policy Adjustments and China’s Development


By:Zeng Yi et al.

Publication Date:2013-07-01

The book features articles by more than twenty renowned Chinese scholars, among them Nobel laureates in economics, Chinese Academy of Engineering academicians, and foreign members of the British Royal Society, the science academies of a number of developing countries and the Roy...

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Chinese Political System History


By:Bai Gang

Publication Date:2011-01-01

This book breaks through the traditional research concepts and modes to establish a new research system on head of state system, central authority decision-making system and government operation system, which has unleashed the political system history from the old bureaucratic...

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Research on the Construction of the New Urban Area in China: on Practice and Exploration of Zhengzhou New District...


By:Yue Xinan, Wang Jianguo, Wan Shiwei

Publication Date:2010-06-01

This book analyzes the experiences in the development of New Zhengdong District in Zhengzhou city, in order to explore the approach to construct new district in Chinese cities. The book summarizes all the aspects of new district construction, especially the experience of intern...

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Global Competitiveness of the Talent


By:Pan Chenguangn, Ni Pengfei

Publication Date:2010-05-01

As a pioneering monograph on international competitiveness of human resources, the book established an original theoretical paradigm and an operational, comparable and detailed indicator system in this regard; With research covering samples from over 120 countries, and analy...

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China's Reform Opening-up and East Asia


By:Huang Dahui

Publication Date:2010-05-01

Since the reform and opening-up drive, China has adopted peaceful diplomatic policy featuring good-safe-and-rich neighborliness, and taken positive move in the integration of East Asia. China, with its responsible attitude as a big power, has contributed to the flourishing eco...

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