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Chinese Tourism Research Annual 2010: Tourism Tribune (2008-2009) English Edition


By:Editorial of Tourism Tribune

Publication Date:2011-03-01

This book is compiled by the editorial of Tourism Tribune with 19 papers selected in the issues from 2008 to 2009, covering tourism theory, tourism behavior, tourism planning, special topics on tourism, tourism development, industry and pattern. Tourism Tribune, ever since its pu...

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The Chinese Banker (Journal)


By:Wang Songqi

Publication Date:2011-01-01

The Chinese Banker Journal, ever since its establishment in 2001, the year of China’s WTO accession, has been engaged in promoting reform and development of Chinese financial industry, and developing with Chinese bankers. It follows Chinese financial reform and develop...

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China Labor Economics


By:Du Yang, Zhang Jianwu, Wang Dewen

Publication Date:2010-11-01

 This journal aims at establishing a platform for Chinese labor economists to explore innovations and employ talents for the society. This issue is dedicated to the analysis of economic turning point and labor flows, including 12 theses such as Chinese Population Developmen...

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By:Qu Lindong

Publication Date:2009-12-01

Historical Theory of Achievements and Development of Chinese Historiography, Innovation of Marxist Historiography for Nearly Six Years, The Exploration and Harvest on Chronological History of The People’s Republic of China, National Study on the Regional History and Cou...

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China Nonprofit Review Vol.4


By:NGO Institute at Sochool of Public Policy & Management, Tsinghua University

Publication Date:2009-07-01

China Nonprofit Review Vol.4 illuminates the theme of “industry association”. In recent years, there are many problems about the domestic food safety and corporate credit crisis (Such as the Sanlu milk powder incident). It reflected a kind shorta...

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Summarily Analysis to China's Core Jornals of Humanities and Social Sciences(2008 edition)


By:Jiang Xiaohui

Publication Date:2009-02-01

This book takes journal’s influence in academy subjects as a mainline. It evaluates and selects journals according to the frequency that journals being used. The development process has always been around usage that based on analysis of the statistical principle, focusing o...

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