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Analysis and Forecast of China's Digital Economic Situation (2021)


By:Cai Fang, Li Haijian, Cai Yuezhou, Peng Zhan, Wan Xiangyu, Ma Yefeng

Publication Date:2021-05-07

Ⅰ General Report Based on the concept analysis of digital economy, this paper focuses on the fundamental supporting role of Information and Communication Technology(ICT)in the digital economy, starts from ICT’s techno-economic characteristics of pervasiveness, subs...

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Report on the Cause for Persons with Disabilities in China (2020-2021)


By:Zheng Gongcheng, Yang Lixiong

Publication Date:2021-04-01

This report is divided into four parts,including general report,special reports,local reports and appendix. The general report comprehensively reviewed the development status of the basic public services during the 13th Five-Year Plan period,and summarized the achie...

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Annual Report on the Development of China's Higher Education (2020-2021)


By:Liu Xiaoping, Zheng Chunsheng

Publication Date:2021-04-06

The Annual Report on the Development of China’s Higher Education (2020-2021) is the second “Blue Book of Higher Education” that elaborates on the development of higher education in China. The report was compiled by the Higher Education Research C...

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Annual Report on Development of China's Local Government Bonds (2021)


By:Mao Zhenhua, Sun Xiaoxia, Yan Yan, Wang Helei, Yuan Haixia

Publication Date:2021-03-24

The local government bond market has maintained rapid development since its full launch in 2015. As of October 2020,the existing scale of China’s local government bond has reached RMB 25.53 trillion,accounting for 23% of the bond market,and it has become the largest in volum...

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Tourism Development in China: Analysis and Forecast (2020-2021)


By:He Dexu, Yan Kun, Xia Jiechang, Zhang Guangrui, Liu Deqian, Song Rui, Jin Zhun, Li Weiren, Wu Jinmei

Publication Date:2021-04-23

China’s Tourism Development:Analysis & Forecast (]2020-2021)(Vol.19 of Tourism Green Book) is the 19th annual report on tourism development compiled by the Tourism Research Center,Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASSTRC). Centering on the theme of “the H...

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Annual Report on China's Hospital Competitiveness (2020-2021)


By:Zhuang Yiqiang, Liao Xinbo, Wang Xinglin, Yao Shufang,

Publication Date:2021-04-08

Chinese rankings and international bench-marking is theme of Annual Report on China’s Hospital Competitiveness(2020~2021). China,Japan,Australia,New Zealand and 15 ASEAN countries formally signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership(RCEP),the large...

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