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Making Friends First: China’s Development Aids for Health to Uganda


By:Qiu Zeqi

Publication Date:2017-04-01

  This inspiring book looks at the theory and practice of China’s foreign aid in Africa, especially in the area of healthcare in Uganda. It provides insights into how recipient countries/regions are selected, and describes in detail how the men and women working on the f...

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The Theoretical and Institutional Innovation of the Development Social Insurance Law


By:Yu Shaoxiang

Publication Date:2017-01-01

The latest research achievements of the book focus on the social insurance law and its application in practice. The book describes the Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries in the pension, medical, unemployment, work injury, maternity insurance. The ne...

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Research on China’s Foreign Policy Changes since the Reform and Opening up


By:Xu Jin

Publication Date:2017-01-01

Academic debate can serve as a bridge between academic research and policy making. International relations scholars contend China majority and the foreign policy formulation of the relevant research, the debate is a window to observe the outside world China foreign policy and gov...

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The Transparent Government: idea, Methods and Approaches


By:Lv Yanbin

Publication Date:2017-01-01

Based on data from index evaluation of government transparency in six consecutive years collected by the members of the Innovation Project and some administrative litigation cases relating to government information disclosure Institute of Law of Chinese Academy of Social Scien...

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A Sino-US Comparison of Economic Structure and Macroeconomic Policies


By:Zhang Yuyan

Publication Date:2017-01-01

Chapter I and Chapter II explore the connotation of economic structure, and provide an overview of theories of economic structure on macroeconomic policy; Chapter III and IV give an analysis of the evolutionary history of the U.S. economic structure and its impact on macroeconomic...

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Internet and Transitional China


By:Li Qiang

Publication Date:2017-01-01

Internet has greatly accelerated the pace of China’s social modernization, which lets to a profound impact on reconstructing all aspects of Chinese society. The book observes the Internet from the perspectives of sociology, and gives an in-depth analysis of how internet af...

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