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Housing Reform and China’s Real Estate Industry: Review and Forecast


By:Ni Pengfei

Publication Date:2016-05-01

The author tries in this book to weave together the different elements of the real estate industry into a logically coherent whole, in which the relationship between the real estate industry and the macroeconomy sets the background, the housing market occupies the core, real estate...

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Report on the Development of Circular Economy(CE)in China (2013-2015)


By:Qi Jianguo

Publication Date:2016-04-01

China’s rapid industrialization in the last decades has engendered serious problems of natural resource depletion, ecosystem degradation, and cross-border pollution. Projections by researchers have persuaded the country’s top leadership that this model of dev...

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High-Speed Rail: Eurasia Economic Integration and China’s Grand Strategy in the 21st Century


By:Zhen Zhihong, Gao Bai

Publication Date:2016-01-01

 China’s high-speed rail system claims to be the only one of the country’s strategically significant new industries that promises to have the ability to alter the political and economic order in the 21th century, both in China and around the world. Its constructi...

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Institutional Investor and Corporate Governance in China


By:Ke Xijia

Publication Date:2015-11-01

The book explores the effectiveness of institutional investors’ involvement incorporate governance in China. Combining literature review and other broad overviews, and applying the infinitely repeated games analytic method, the author engages in a  comprehensi...

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A Study of the Impact of FDI on China’s Industrial Agglomerations


By:Li Hanbin

Publication Date:2015-11-01

The impact of economic integration on industrial spatial distribution is one of the key issues in Economics. The spatial scale of industrial agglomerations is larger along with the burgeoning of the FDI since the China’s reform and opening-up. Does FDI have an impact on China...

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The Theory and Policy Research on the Systematic Risks and Managements of Insurance Industry


By:Guo Jinlong, Zhou Hualin

Publication Date:2016-01-01

Set against the2008 financial crisisas its backdrop, the book opens with asummary of current  studies of  risksfactors within the insurance industry, and compares the insurance and the banking industries in terms of the level ofharm caused by and  repercussions...

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