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A Study of the Impact of FDI on China’s Industrial Agglomerations


By:Li Hanbin

Publication Date:2015-11-01

The impact of economic integration on industrial spatial distribution is one of the key issues in Economics. The spatial scale of industrial agglomerations is larger along with the burgeoning of the FDI since the China’s reform and opening-up. Does FDI have an impact on China...

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The Theory and Policy Research on the Systematic Risks and Managements of Insurance Industry


By:Guo Jinlong, Zhou Hualin

Publication Date:2016-01-01

Set against the2008 financial crisisas its backdrop, the book opens with asummary of current  studies of  risksfactors within the insurance industry, and compares the insurance and the banking industries in terms of the level ofharm caused by and  repercussions...

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Overcoming Consumerism: Criticisms and Transcendence


By:Luo Jianping

Publication Date:2015-07-01

Consumerism has continued to evolve in China and will increase in complexity and strength, probably resulting in a totally new strand of the Chinese culture. Many younger-generation Chinese haveyet to find theirbearings in a social milieu that celebrates materialism. The book ex...

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Deepening Reform and China’s Long-term Economic Growth


By:Edited by Song Ligang, Gao Ruosu and Cai Fang

Publication Date:2015-04-01

This book comprises five parts. The first part discusses what drive economic growth. In the second part, contributors explore possible impact of the newly popular idea of prioritizing environmental protection over economic growth one eeconomic development everywhere. Part thr...

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From Demographic Dividend to Talent Dividend:Studies on the Impact of Labor Quality on Industrial Upgrading


By:Written by Li Gang

Publication Date:2015-04-01

As the distance between China and developed economies continues to narrow, the role of such factors as the quality of human capital in sustaining economic growth becomes increasingly prominent. Using quantitative and econometric analyses, contributors review policy options in...

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A Primer on the Chinese Economy under the “New Normal”: Growth rate, Structure and Drivers



Publication Date:2015-02-01

Compiled by researchers at the Economics Division, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the book, drawing on the recent research on and experience is an examination of the “new normal”in both the Chinese economy and world economy. Contributors focus in particular on w...

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