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A Theory of National Financial Policy


By:Shi Wuhua

Publication Date:2015-05-01

In this study of China’s financial strategy system, the author tries to identify and explain the prerequisites, structure, functions and consequences of building such a system in China. The analysis also covers such topics as the relationship between the finance and securi...

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High Speed Rails and New Structure of Socio-economic Development


By:Lin Xiaoyan

Publication Date:2015-07-01

The book gives an in-depth analysis of the fundamental role of China’s high speed rail  on the country’s regional economic geography. The analysis draws on the theories  of externality and welfare economics, and focuses on impact of a country’s tran...

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A Study on Population Factor of Chinese Economic Internal and External Imbalance


By:Yang Jijun

Publication Date:2015-09-01

This is a study of the demographic factors, including age structure and migration trends, behind the imbalance between China’s domestic economy and international trade. The book looks specifically at the impact of age structure and migration on savings rate and trade surpl...

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On Innovative Labor


By:Pei Xiaoge

Publication Date:2015-09-01

The bookis an exploratory study of a new labor theory that tries to combineMarxist economics and China’s experience in thetransformation of its economic developmentpattern. The author gives an analysis of the nature of new labor demands given rise to by economic transforma...

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Spatial Econometrics: Theory and Practice


By:Li Xinzhong,Wang Tongsan

Publication Date:2015-12-01

The book provides an overview ofthe main features of the development and evolution of spatial econometrics, and an analysis of thetheoretical basisof this field of study. The authors try to reach a better understanding of the relationship at the provincial level between FDI and inn...

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Financial Rules of Law and Financial Regulations:Logic and Financial Analysis in the Economic Transition Period


By:Chen Jingwei

Publication Date:2016-05-01

In this study of financial regulation in China, premised on the  behavioral characteristics of government during this period of  transition, and appling the research logic of economic theories of regulation , the author  triesto build a foundationaland compreh...

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