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Theoretical System Reserch on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics


By:Reserch Center of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Theoretical System of CASS

Publication Date:2009-12-01

The book was written by the scholars organized by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Center. The book recorded all theoretical articles published by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Base, under the name of “research center” from 2003 to 2008....

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Yi-ology of Qing Dynasty


By:Wang Xuequn

Publication Date:2009-07-01

At the metaphase of Qing Dynasty, the different genres, theories, ideas of the traditional Yi-ology have obtained regression, for example, Song yi-ology continued to exist without interruption, Han yi-ology had recovered after thousands years of silence. The book based on the aca...

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By:Qu Lindong

Publication Date:2009-12-01

Historical Theory of Achievements and Development of Chinese Historiography, Innovation of Marxist Historiography for Nearly Six Years, The Exploration and Harvest on Chronological History of The People’s Republic of China, National Study on the Regional History and Cou...

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Theory and Practice on Women and Gender : The Articles Selected From the Collection of Women;s Studies (2005-2009)...


By:Tan Lin,Jiang Xiuhua

Publication Date:2009-07-01

The book reflects some development and changes to academic versions, research topics and methods of Chinese women\gender studies. It not only exhibited the great concerns on what Beijing Action is addressed, but also highlighted the self-reflection of the Chinese scholars and pra...

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Siku Quanshu and Chinese Intellectuals in Eighth-century


By:Chen Xiaohua

Publication Date:2009-11-01

Bases on compiling of Siku Quanshu, the book studied the characters of Chinese intellectuals before and after the period of compiling. It started from the history of literature, academic political history, intellectual and cultural history to show Chinese intellectuals and their...

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China Anti-Japanese War and World Anti-Fascist War


By:Mordern History Institute of CASS

Publication Date:2009-02-01

This book is the collection of papers about an academic seminar which is to commemorate the victory of the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War and the 60th anniversary of victory over fascism. It collected more than 80 articles, and the content refers to the relationship of China's pol...

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