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Report on Women Development In China No.3 (2010): Women and Health


By:Wang Jinling

Publication Date:2010-09-06

Over the past 15 years, extensive and profound change has taken place in the domain of Chinese women health. This paper is making an attempt to demonstrate the process of this change. It discusses the development course of the three major aspects in China’s women health industr...

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Report on Development of China's Media Industry (2010)


By:Cui Baoguo

Publication Date:2010-05-24

The book studies and analyzes the development situation and trend of China’s commercial sector (including wholesale business, retail trading, logistics industry, catering industry and electronic commerce). It analyzes the hot issues of China’s commercial secto...

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Theories and Practices in the Study of Chinese Socio-cultural History


By:Liang Jinghe

Publication Date:2010-05-07

Chinese socio-cultural history has gone through twenty years of hardships and frustrations course. This book brings to a focus on the theoretical method and research achievements of Chinese socio-cultural history over twenty years. Many scholars have been paying close attentio...

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By:Pan Jiahua, Li Jingguo

Publication Date:2010-05-05

The book carries on a detailed analysis to the operations, features and existing problems of China’s real estate industrial in 2009, in particularly, it makes an in-deep unscrambling to the reverse of real estate market.; It elaborates that increasing supply, adjusting the...

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The Chronicles of NGOs in China (1978-2008)


By:Wu Yuzhang

Publication Date:2010-05-05

The book selected 11 types of NGO, and comprehensively summarized the development course, status and problems of NGO, as well as combed the significant events of NGO’s development. The records of major conference of this field are attached at the end of this book. The book is in...

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Believing without Identifying : The Sociological Interpretation of Spiritual Beliefs in Contemporary China


By:Li Xiangping

Publication Date:2010-05-05

Do Chinese people have beliefs? What is the belief of Chinese people, how to get the faith identity and social practice of beliefs? This book began with sociological methods, and it discussed the big problems of Chinese people and society.  This book made an interpretation on soc...

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