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Reports on Development of Social Work in China (1988-2008)


By:Chinese Social Work Association

Publication Date:2009-04-01

This yearbook is the first one that reports the social work in China. It made comprehensive description and analysis on 20 years development process of social work, showed the new stage and character of social development, revealed the major problems of social development, predicte...

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China's Financial Development in the Globalization


By:Li Ruogu

Publication Date:2008-04-01

Combined with the author’s own work and practical experience, this work gave many relative recommendations on opportunities and challenges of China’s economic development, international economic exchanges and cooperation, as well as some other options from diffe...

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China's Insurance : Status and Development


By:Liu Renwu

Publication Date:2010-04-27

In the background of a speedily changing external environment, the development of insurance industry is faced with new propositions. Based on the principle and basic situation of insurance industry at home and abroad, it discussed the key factors which affected prospects of China&...

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By:Chen Jiagui,Huang Qunhui,Peng Huagang,Zhong Hongwu

Publication Date:2009-10-01

Corporate social responsibility has become an important proposition of the times as undertaking the social responsibility has become a required course for the survival and development of Chinese enterprise. After a long-range study, the researcher center of social responsibili...

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Report on Development of China's Media Industry (2010)


By:Cui Baoguo

Publication Date:2010-04-27

On the subject of the “great transformation”, this book made a comprehensive description of China’s media industry in 2009. It made in-depth analysis to the traditional news propaganda, and how the international media companies adapted to China’s domes...

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Chian Social Security System Development Report (2010) No.4


By:Chen Jiagui, Wang Yanzhong

Publication Date:2010-04-27

With the subject of “everyone enjoys social security in fair”, the book discussed how to build up social security system framework under the huge impact of rapid industrialization, urbanization, internationalization and population aging.  ...

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