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60 Years of China’s Economic Growth and Fluctuation—— Prosperity and Stability III


By:Liu Shucheng

Publication Date:2009-07-01

This book is a gift of Liu Shucheng, academy member, assistant director of Economics Section and original head of Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, for new China’s 60th anniversary. The book takes a subject--- the studies on economic growth and fluct...

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Issues on “War Ended” in Sino-Japanese Relations: Towards a History in 1945


By:Liu Jie (刘杰) and Kawashima, Shin

Publication Date:2010-04-15

This book emphatically discusses Chinese and Japanese scholars’ “viewpoints on 1945”, and studies the actions of Japanese and of Chinese “studying Japanese” after war ended. We generally call the understanding of Japanese and Chinese to the hist...

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DISCOVERY REPORT:Emerging Issues and Findings for Child Welfare and Protection in China


By:Shang Xiaoyuan,Wang Xiaolin,Tao Chuanjin

Publication Date:2010-04-15

When entering the low-income medium developed stage, the child welfare system faces with the significant transformation in various countries. This book carries on the thorough exploration and research to some important overall issues faced with in the development of child welfar...

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Democracy Is a Modern Life Style



Publication Date:2010-01-01

As the fundamental value in a civilized society, democracy is a great achievement of political civilization in modern times. The people of different countries and with different ideologies have reached a consensus that democracy is a kind of political philosophy. ...

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Anniversary of Chinese Quantitative Economics


By:Zhang Shouyi,Wang Tongsan,Ge Xinquan

Publication Date:2010-04-15

This book reviews China’s development course of quantitative economics, and displays the achievements of quantitative economics development, which is a summary to China’s reform and opening. Authors of the book are founder of China quantitative economics world and...

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The modern history of three countries in East Asia



Publication Date:2006-05-01

The modern history of three countries in East Asia has released the latest revision, and it was co-edited by scholars and teachers of China, Japan and Korea, which was specifically designed for the youth and students of the three countries, it evokes great repercussions in China, Japa...

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