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A Reader of the Knowledge of five religions in China


By:Riligion Institute of CASS

Publication Date:2007-05-01

Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Christianity are the five major religions which take the lead in China. The book carries on the interpretation and explanation to the historical background, ideological doctrine, classic literature, ceremonies, cultural characteristi...

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Kuomintang : Unity with Communists and Anti-communism


By:Yang Kuisong

Publication Date:2008-01-01

By fully use the Kuomintang historical materials, combining the historical information of Kuomintang, this is the first book to systematically survey and research the strategy of the KMT and the Communist Party's support for the KMT. The author takes full use of a large number of reli...

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Emancipation of Mind and Political Progress


By:Yu Keping

Publication Date:2008-02-01

The author made an analysis on the political changes since China’s reform and opening-up from the view of political ideology changes and theoretical innovation. It made helpful suggestion on China’s political changes from two aspects of theory and practice....

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Discourse , Text and the Chinanation Education Policies Analysis


By:Li Gang

Publication Date:2009-01-01

Taking the text of education policy and that of relevant comment as an entry point, the book analyzed the situation of national education policies and laws by adopting more normative discourse and text analysis method. The book adopted document coding statistics, which consistent w...

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Religion and Philosophy


By:Zhang Yudong, Yang Ying

Publication Date:2009-04-01

Religion and philosophy are two kinds of structural elements of people’s spirit-culture life. The analysis of religion and philosophy includes the historical tracing and theoretical discussing on Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, the systematically sketch and thoroug...

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Consumer Society and Consumer Identity


By:WU Qing

Publication Date:2009-09-01

Based on the research fruit at home and abroad, the book discriminates and analyzes the concept of identity in detail, clarifies the philosophical origins of identity and social foundation, raises the create models of identity construction according to the reality. It provides a ba...

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