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A Study of Human's Modernization Thought in Modern China


By:Zhou Jianchao

Publication Date:2010-03-01

The book is as a guide to historical materialism, from a macro point of view of history, combining the political science, sociology, cultural psychology and research methods, taking the early modernize movement of China's evolution as the logical start point, and taking the China&r...

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China's Urban-Rural Integration: A Research Report on Theory and Planning


By:Wang Weiguang

Publication Date:2010-03-01

This book is an example of integrated planning of urban and rural to Qinghai province. It explored urban and rural integrated development in the vulnerable western Qinghai-Tibet Plateau ecosystem, and the construction of regional character pattern. Based on regional industrial d...

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Annual Report on China's Economic Growth (2009-2010)


By:Liu Ping, Liu Xiahui

Publication Date:2010-03-01

The aims of this book is to reflect the global context of China's annual economic growth process, to make regular assessments of the quality of China's economic growth performance and analysis the micro-mechanism and macro-dynamic of this process.  To identify possible probl...

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China, East Asia and the Global Economy



Publication Date:2009-12-01

As a leading expert in Asian historians, 滨下武志 made a significant contribution to China, East Asia and the world of historical research to explore the new areas. He used an approach called “historical interpretation” to annotate the East Asian regional system and the ev...

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Years with Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao


By:Zhao Wei

Publication Date:2009-06-01

Zhou Enlai, Deng Yingchao plays an important role in the Chinese revolution and Chinese people are cherishing the memory to them. Zhao Wei is the one who is the longest working hours of staff of them is the important witness of their great personality and ordinary life. This book shows a n...

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100 Years of Oracle Bone Study


By:Wang Yuxin, Yang Shengnan

Publication Date:2010-03-23

This book has won the fifth prize of the National Book Award Nomination. It has been compiled by famous researcher called Wang Yuxin and Yang Shengnan which comes from history institution of Chinese Academy of Social Science. The author made a comprehensive summary about the collecti...

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