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The Structure and Transformation of the Rural Ethical Order: Community Governance and the Development History of Nihe Village ...


By:Guo Weihe

Publication Date:2018-06-20

The research methods used are through scrolling down the village history, collecting specific resources and data, and recording the village collectives’ materials and imaging the objects to analysis the main power – nation and market’s influence to China&rs...

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Global Energy Governance: Theory, Trend and China’s Path


By:Lu Gang

Publication Date:2018-07-16

The aim of this book is to understand the theoretical underpinnings of global energy governance and what such a theory can tell us about past, present and future development of the geopolitics of world energy supply and demand. The author argues that global energy governance is a func...

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Gas Yuan


By:Huang Xiaoyong

Publication Date:2018-05-25

The book proposes that the construction of regional natural gas trading center in Northeast Asia and cross-border yuan trade settlement and the transaction of natural gas will exert a positive influence to China’s energy security, which contribute to domestic natural gas i...

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Cooperation between China and Transition Countries under the Framework of “the Belt and Road”


By:Qu Wenyi

Publication Date:2018-05-30

This book is compiled by Research Center for the Economies and Politics of Transition Countries of Liaoning University. As the key research base of humanities and social science and a domestic research platform approved and supported by Ministry of Education of the People’s...

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Agricultural Sustainable Development in China: Food Security, Hunger Elimination and Nutrition Improvement


By:Gao Liangliang

Publication Date:2018-05-08

Focusing on China, the book studies the basic situation, experiences, practices and challenges of the implementation of the target 1C (halve, between 1990 and 2015, the proportion of people who suffer from hunger) of the goal 1 (to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger) of the MDGs an...

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Sustainable Industrialization and Innovation Driven


By:Huang Qunhui

Publication Date:2018-05-09

The book introduces how Chinese scholars think of the industrialization in international environment and the development of China’s industrialization and also explains how the innovation driven is for promoting green development of China’s industrialization. ...

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