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Report on the State of Children in China


By:Chen Lijun

Publication Date:2017-11-28

Among the many studies on the situation of children in China, few provide a full picture of their living conditions. This book fills that lacuna, using data from national household surveys. The data cover child development, physical health, mental and psychological well-being, an...

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Key Ideas in Contemporary Agrarian and Development Studies


By:Ye Jingzhong

Publication Date:2017-11-27

This volume is a collection of lectures given at College of Humanities and Development Studies, China Agricultural University by invited speakers on a wide range of topics related to agriculture and development. Speakers come from diverse academic disciplines, including sociol...

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Measuring Poverty in China: Theories and Methods


By:Wang Xiaolin

Publication Date:2017-11-27

In this book the author looks at how the concept of “poverty” has evolved over the years, changes in the criteria for setting the poverty line, and poverty around the world. The discussions pay special attention to methodological issues related to quantitative measure...

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Selected Reports from the Blue Book of China Society, 1992-2017


By:Li Peilin

Publication Date:2017-10-27

First published in 1993, Blue Book of China’s Society, an annual report on social development in China, saw its 25th volume released in 2016. The annual reports have received critical acclaim for its consistently high-quality analyses on all aspects of social conditions and...

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China’s Innovation on the Standardization of Public Services


By:Zhuo Yue

Publication Date:2017-03-31

Readers will find in these pages a detailed analysis of China’s efforts to improve public services through innovation and to standardize them. The book tries to build and make use of a general analytical model that can help researchers understand the key to public service stan...

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China in Africa: Discourses and Reality



Publication Date:2017-05-31

Since 2016, the Sino-Africa Summit forum has become an increasingly influential international event, as China’s involvement in development across African continues to grow. However, it is still common for researchers anywhere to adopt a west-centric perspective when st...

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