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Quality of Life in Contemporary China


By:Li Peilin

Publication Date:2017-08-30

The book introduces a multidimensional evaluation system for studying quality of life in China today. Both quantitative and analytical approaches are used in its construction. Quality of life has a broad range of determinants, including economic, social and environmental condi...

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Global Warming and the Green Transformation of Urban Areas in China


By:Du Shouhu

Publication Date:2015-11-30

As global warming, environmental pollution and resource depletion become increasingly serious, a proper understanding of the relationship between   sustainable development and ecological civilization construction is also becoming more urgently needed than eve...

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Transforming China’s Agriculture to Meet Environmental Challenges


By:Chen Wensheng

Publication Date:2020-11-30

The transformation of agriculture is necessarily an important part of the efforts to build a society that is environment-friendly and resource conserving. This book presents discussions about what changes traditional agriculture needs to undergo in order to promote the realiza...

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The Complexity of Poverty and the Diversity of Anti-poverty Programs


By:Liu Xiaomin

Publication Date:2017-10-30

Drawing on a large number of mostly primary sources collected through fieldwork, the book tries to understand the complexity of poverty that occurs in contiguous areas from both macroscopic and microscopic perspectives, and examines the latest developments in the government&rs...

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The Evolution of Poverty Reduction Polices in China


By:Zuo Changsheng

Publication Date:2017-11-01

While China enjoys the distinction of being the first country to have achieved the millennium development goals, the country faces many problems and challenges, including staggering income inequality, continuing poverty among some population and difficulties in realizing sus...

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Economic Impact of Core Cities on Surrounding Areas in the Internet Plus Era: A Case Study of Shanghai


By:Li Youmei

Publication Date:2019-02-01

The book offers a systematic account of the whats, the whys and the hows of China’s Internet Plus Initiative. It looks at the impact of the Internet on the functions and the regional economic spillover effect of cities, the integration of the Internet with traditional industri...

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