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Studies on China's Special Economic Zones


By:Yuan Yiming

Publication Date:2017-11-01

This timely and informative volume on special economic zones in China offers readers a collection of fine works by first-rate experts and scholars on a range of issues related to this topic. They include industrial upgrade and transformation, the development patterns of special ec...

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Mergers and Acquisitions and Industrial Integration in China: A Study of the Role of Inter-government Competitions...


By:Wang Fengrong

Publication Date:2016-11-30

The development of Mergers and Acquisitions in China is still poorly understood.  In this important book, the author examines how macroeconomic conditions shape the development of M&A, the effects of industrial policies, and of the dynamic relationship among governme...

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Biodiversity, Peasant Livelihood and Sustainable Development


By:Li Jie

Publication Date:2017-10-30

Poverty and ecological degradation are two major problems commonly found in many developing countries. Under pressure from population growth and rapid economic development, China faces growing resource stress, escalating ecological deterioration, and accelerated biodiver...

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Chinese Social Security


By:Wang Yanzhong

Publication Date:2017-11-30

This book reviews the development of China’s social security system since 1949 and analyzes its key features at each stage. By stressing the role of the social security system in regulating income distribution, it points out some problems in the current social security frame...

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A Preliminary Discussion on the Changing Quality of China’s Population


By:Zhou Zhonggao

Publication Date:2018-06-29

This is a study of the what, how and why of qualitative changes in China’s population in recent decades. Following an empirical analysis of the extent of the change, the author looks specifically at the role of education in this process. A theoretical model is proposed that purp...

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Income Inequality and Public Policies: China’s Experience


By:Wan Haiyuan

Publication Date:2017-11-30

In this book, the author is chiefly driven to answer one central question: what is the state of income inequality in China? To that end, the author not only compares different estimates for China’ Gini coefficient but also takes on an international perspective, looking at the n...

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